A service provider in the IT field, specialising in Front Office services on critical applications, Prosodie-Capgemini undertakes to guarantee a very high level of service quality across its whole range. The certification policy it has adopted is proof of its commitment to its customers every day.

• Prosodie-Capgemini has ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 20000 certification.

• Our multichannel payment platform is also PCI-DSS certified.


• In February 2014, Prosodie-Capgemini obtained HDS approval as a personal healthcare data host


Our certification policy
Prosodie-Capgemini manages critical Front Office applications that call for a firm commitment within the context of multi-year service contracts. Our SLAs are key elements for our credibility and for the confidence of our customers. Our certification policy is an asset that we will soon be reinforcing by extending it to other scopes, including healthcare data”