Charles De Saint Remy

Customer Experience Evangelist

Mission: leading the Service Line for Prosodie, driving sales, business development and marketing.

This includes:

– Sourcing, managing and implementing new business opportunities with Salesforce.
– Defining Prosodie product integration roadmap with the service cloud.
– Coordinating joint marketing events with Salesforce and CapgeminiCore team member of the European Leadership Team of the serviceline within Capgemini.

Mon expérience

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Mon expérience

My professional life has been guided by 2 drivers.

The first one is the digital transformation in the way companies interact with their customers. I started creating websites for Nestle, Airbus and Citroen when the web was seen as a top down communication tool. I now work in a CRM company, that provides multichannel customer experiences for major corporations such as SwissLife or Samsung. With the fundamental shift in how businesses are expected to behave, there has never been a better time to work in Customer Experience.

Deeper inside of me is a more personal driver: storytelling. It is a passion I’ve nurtured most notably in my spare time, reading books and writing scripts. 

Only recently did I realize the deep connection between my true interest in digital solutions and my passion for storytelling, when I read Daniel Pink’s book, “A whole new mind”. Daniel tells us we are now in a conceptual age, “in which artists, inventors, designers,and storytellers – will now reap society’s richest rewards and share its greatest joys”.

I realized it was time to unleash my right brain. I wanted to become a great corporate storyteller.

I am also the father of 3, and a long distance triathlete.

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