Annie Tarlier
Director of Human Resources
Because human capital is the primary source of added value for Prosodie-Capgemini, we are particularly mindful of the quality of our induction and the training and career development we offer our employees.

For Prosodie-Capgemini, the aim is for each individual to contribute to customer satisfaction while flourishing both personally and professionally.

To achieve this aim, Prosodie-Capgemini is committed to:

• A hands-on management style

• Staying at the cutting edge of technology

• Encouraging the professional development of its teams

• Maintaining a high standard of ethics

• Constantly focusing on customers

As a result of its specific service model, Prosodie-Capgemini keeps teams in-house for the development of solutions and for platform management. These teams work together, paying attention to customer satisfaction at all times, with a huge sense of commitment, solidarity and respect. These values embody Prosodie-Capgemini perfectly and we are very proud of them.”