Voice White Paper

Customer service where I want it, when I want it and when I say...

In an age overloaded with emails and texts, voice is still the most powerful, quickest and most intuitive tool we have for expressing ourselves and communicating with others. Prosodie-Capgemini, a subsidiary of Capgemini that specialises in omnichannel customer relationship management, understands this. It continuously innovates to breathe new life into these exchanges while optimising company performance. Overview of these new services that give customers their voice back.

Why, when they can just send an email, go into a branch, post a message on social media and even chat live with an adviser, do customers prefer to call a company’s customer services department? “Voice is the preferred media in France for conducting customer relations,” confirms Ferdinand Rault, Branch Manager at Prosodie-Capgemini. A preference that can be explained by the economic backdrop: “in times of crisis, we need to give reassurance and make ourselves appear more human”. What better way to breathe new life into exchanges than lending a voice and an ear?


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