Natural language

Because the customers wants to express themselves

“Behind the voice, there are values of trust, listening and empathy”, explains Thierry Fourquet, Innovation Manager at Prosodie-Capgemini.

It is out of its desire to respond to this need for authenticity that Prosodie-Capgemini has developed a natural language service that allows callers to speak freely and explain the reason for their call: “instead of having to navigate a phone tree with many levels, a real obstacle to quick resolution of his problem, the customer is listened to and understood immediately. This service can ask a question to determine what he or she wants, and then direct the customer straight to the most appropriate contact,” explains F. Rault.

The result? The first few seconds of the call, which are crucial for not losing the caller’s goodwill, are effective, and the customer is satisfied. “For the company, this more precise qualification of calls also helps to significantly reduce the number of transfers from one department to another, and involves fewer advisers for one request,” says F. Rault.

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