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Mobility and the Internet of Things: The challenges of digitalisation

Parkeon is a major international player in the urban mobility sector. Known for its parking management solutions, and parking meters in particular, Parkeon has seen its core business change massively thanks to digital. The expansion of digital has changed the needs of urban users and enabled Parkeon to offer innovative services such as parking management […]

Apple Watch, iPhone 6 & iOS 8. What opportunities do we have? What adaptations can be made? 

Apple is adopting a strong stance this year with the launch of the Apple Watch and a “phablet” of its new iPhone, the iPhone 6 Plus. More generally, these products are part of Apple’s implementation of a flowing ecosystem for payment (Apple Pay), home automation (HomeKit) and health (HealthKit). The Apple Watch: a continuation of […]

Customer interaction for connected objects

Are connected objects the new Eldorado for companies? Will consumers have new uses for technology? We take a look at the trends of a booming market and the opportunities there are for using the data collected more effectively. “Connected objects are not trivial gadgets. Eventually, and in all business sectors, objects will all become connected,” says […]

Apple Watch: overview and initial figures for the world’s best-selling smartwatch

Just 24 hours after its launch, Apple’s smartwatch became the market bestseller! What is special about the watch from the US giant? What are the main differences with its competitors? What type of applications can be developed for an Apple Watch? Here is the analysis of Backelite, our agency that specialises in the design and […]

Everything you need to know about unbundling

What is unbundling? Behind this word hides a phenomenon that has existed in the mobile world since 2014. Unbundling is the division of a service, for example, into several separate parts. In the world of mobility, this means splitting an application into several smaller applications with a specific use. The unbundling strategies put in place […]

The 10 trends of user experience in 2015

The year 2015 has arrived and we wanted to start the year by sharing with you our 10 UX trends. Mobiles have become the main point of entry to the web and it is becoming crucial for brands wanting to reach out to users that their online showcase is visible on smartphones and tablets.   […]