What impact does Big Data have on Customer Relations?

According to 79% of the people we questioned in June, Big Data will lead to a better understanding of customer behaviour. Indeed, customer interactions, which are growing in number and are spread across a variety of channels (email, telephone, social media, chat, etc.), constitute a mine of invaluable information for coordination of customer relations activity. […]

Big Data: key account feedback

For many years now, the “cost-leadership” strategy adopted in the post-war period has been changing, making way for the differentiation strategy that focuses on the customer. Indeed, the customer has more and more choices in practically every market. Companies must therefore set its sights on the best customer relationship imaginable in order to attract large […]

What’s happening with the Prosodie-Capgemini and Microsoft partnership?

The launch of a new service The aim of this new unified service is to: – Increase customer satisfaction, – Give each person in the company a relevant role in customer relations, and – Speed up processing of requests. For example, Marc contacts Emma, his banking adviser, to discuss his credit plans. With Odigo Enterprise […]