Voice-based Chatbots – a Revolution in Customer Relations

Chatbots are on the verge of an unprecedented disruption to customer relations. While phone is still the most important channel for customer service, voice-based chatbots represent the holy grail of customer service automation, enhancing customer experience to the latest digital standards and delivering a rapid return on investment. After transforming games such as chess, Jeopardy and […]

Big data and customer relationships: lots of data, not enough analysis

The vast array of channels that companies manage which involves interactions with customers generates an abundance of data. When you combine the less-structured data generated from digital channels, such as e-mail, chat, and social media with more traditional data related to sales or customer profiles, there is an enormous opportunity to enrich the customer experience.  […]

Why Invest NOW in Analytics?

Years went by before the first Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data projects saw the light of day in companies, though often limited in their scope of application. Data mining, i.e. the ability to automatically or semi-automatically extract knowledge from a large quantity of data, has already been around for almost 25 years. So, if […]