Interconnectedness – the Solution to its Own Problem

Joined-up thinking in an increasingly joined-up world. The evolution of technology has made it possible to manage customer interaction on a single, interconnected channel. In an era where communication between organizations and their individual customers are fuelling an increased number of interactions, why not use smart technology to take care of your low-complexity cases?  Until only […]

Voice-based Chatbots – a Revolution in Customer Relations

Chatbots are on the verge of an unprecedented disruption to customer relations. While phone is still the most important channel for customer service, voice-based chatbots represent the holy grail of customer service automation, enhancing customer experience to the latest digital standards and delivering a rapid return on investment. After transforming games such as chess, Jeopardy and […]

Happy Agent, Loyal Customer

Tomorrow’s customer service agents will be versatile, autonomous, proactive people, who will be able to handle written and spoken requests across channels. Eric Dadian, president of Association Française de la Relation Client (AFRC—the French Association for Customer Relationships), shares insights on how organizations can empower their employees and customer service agents to improve their customer […]

Considerations for Implementing a Global Contact Center

Internet access and/or a phone number are enough for any contact center agent to be connected to a “global virtual contact center. With voice still the most important channel of customer engagement, and given that traditional phone networks don’t work well across long distances, any company considering setting up a global virtual contact center should […]

Big data and customer relationships: lots of data, not enough analysis

The vast array of channels that companies manage which involves interactions with customers generates an abundance of data. When you combine the less-structured data generated from digital channels, such as e-mail, chat, and social media with more traditional data related to sales or customer profiles, there is an enormous opportunity to enrich the customer experience.  […]

Return to the Talk’ 2016

Thank you very much for coming. Strikes, floods, transport problems did not prevent you from participating in the 2016 edition of the Talk ! For several weeks, the speakers, called the Talkers, have thoroughly prepared and repeated their customer relationship story. Although they come from different industries, they share the same need  to put their […]

Innovation Battle, the winner is ADOK !

The first edition of “Battle de l’innovation“, organized by AFRC and Capgemini Group, awards the first prize to ADOK. #BattleInnov @latelier vainqueurs ce matin @my_adok @Avekapeti @DigiFood_App — Olivier Dulac (@OlivierDulac) 12 mai 2016 ADOK transforms any table into a giant tablet. With an ultraportable touch screen projector, Adok creates a tactile and connected […]

#strategiec, Customer Strategy Tradeshow

2016 edition of the Customer Strategy Tradeshow is coming to an end and we would like thank you all for visiting our stand. During these 3 days, we had the opportunity to exchange experiences, meet with you for the first time or, in some cases, meet again those of you who we already know, present […]

Interview with Christian Barbaray, author and expert in customer relationship

With his recently published book Satisfaction, fidélité et expérience client, Christian Barbaray CEO and founder of Init, agreed to present to us his perspective on customer relationship. You revealed that it took you 2 years to write this book, it is available in bookstores for a few weeks, what new messages or new approaches do […]

Interview with Laurent Nizri: Paris Fintech

Hello Laurent Nizri, you are the CEO of Altéir Consulting, founder of the Paris Fintech Forum and Vice President of ACSEL. The event Finance Digitale & Fintech comes to an end; you have gathered 102 speakers including 80 fintechs from 12 different countries, over 600 participants and you are sold out. What were your ambitions? […]