How can WebRTC be used in customer relations?

WebRTC, as a real-time communication technology, is set to revolutionise customer relations for many companies and administrations. Although this technology has been around since 2011, its use by customer services is still in its early days. There are many possible uses with real benefits. But what exactly is WebRTC? WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a […]

Retail: Optimising telephone contact

Distribution companies use a lot of energy and spend a lot of money promoting an image of service and proximity to consumers: advertising and media investment, direct marketing, events. Receptive to these messages, consumers will naturally have high expectations for their relationship with the brand. Although the face-to-face, in-store experience is often successful, the other […]

Highlights of High-Tech & Objets Connectés

The Community Manager's place in customer relations 2.0

In France, there are more than 54 million Internet users, i.e. 83% of the French population. Furthermore, 68% of French people are on at least one social network. The use of social networks is therefore no longer a question in France, where more and more users are speaking their mind, sharing their experiences and asking […]

And we’re off… 3 days of conferences at the 2014 Women’s Forum

For the third year running, Capgemini has renewed its partnership with the Women’s Forum to promote equal opportunities and gender equality. This event brings together famous men and women from around the world, representatives of companies, governments, academia, the arts and culture. Their aim is to encourage the contribution of women to society and strive […]

What impact does Big Data have on Customer Relations?

According to 79% of the people we questioned in June, Big Data will lead to a better understanding of customer behaviour. Indeed, customer interactions, which are growing in number and are spread across a variety of channels (email, telephone, social media, chat, etc.), constitute a mine of invaluable information for coordination of customer relations activity. […]

The Credit Agricole en Bretagne is introducing digital into its banking relations with the Mon Conseiller mobile app!

A national study conducted by the Crédit Agricole reveals that the number of customers with smartphones in Brittany is higher than the national average, with more than half of inhabitants owning a smartphone. And in general, customers are also demanding digital interaction and proximity from their advisers. The development of mobiles and tablets has led […]

Women’s Forum 2014: education and the place of women

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Women’s Forum, Prosodie Capgemini, alongside Backelite and Capgemini, keenly followed the three days of conferences. Outstanding speakers This year, once again, the conferences gave a forum to big names from the world of politics, economics, media and culture, who do their bit on a daily basis to build […]

Digital culture, a new space for creating value

The Lagardère Group, a diversified media group and a world leader, has a presence in around 30 countries and is divided into four branches with different, yet complementary activities. Heavily involved in the digital economy, Lagardère has a methodology and tools designed to protect digital content, such as the introduction of permissions management within the […]

Mobility and the Internet of Things: The challenges of digitalisation

Parkeon is a major international player in the urban mobility sector. Known for its parking management solutions, and parking meters in particular, Parkeon has seen its core business change massively thanks to digital. The expansion of digital has changed the needs of urban users and enabled Parkeon to offer innovative services such as parking management […]