Apple Watch, iPhone 6 & iOS 8. What opportunities do we have? What adaptations can be made? 

Apple is adopting a strong stance this year with the launch of the Apple Watch and a “phablet” of its new iPhone, the iPhone 6 Plus. More generally, these products are part of Apple’s implementation of a flowing ecosystem for payment (Apple Pay), home automation (HomeKit) and health (HealthKit). The Apple Watch: a continuation of […]

Infographic: Our customers speak!

During the Prosodie-Capgemini Encounters on 24 June 2014, we asked our customers about the transformation of their Front Office services. this is what they had to say:

Customer interaction for connected objects

Are connected objects the new Eldorado for companies? Will consumers have new uses for technology? We take a look at the trends of a booming market and the opportunities there are for using the data collected more effectively. “Connected objects are not trivial gadgets. Eventually, and in all business sectors, objects will all become connected,” says […]

Customer relations for international development

A major player in travel sales in France, is hoping to grow internationally. Their strategy? Digital AND human customer relations based on Customer Experience. Digital: gives the customer as much independence as possible with self-care tools. And human: travellers are now European, hence the need to harmonise processes while adapting to each culture. […]

Find out what our guests thought of the 2014 Prosodie Encounters and how the Antoine De Galbert exhibition inspired them

Big Data: key account feedback

For many years now, the “cost-leadership” strategy adopted in the post-war period has been changing, making way for the differentiation strategy that focuses on the customer. Indeed, the customer has more and more choices in practically every market. Companies must therefore set its sights on the best customer relationship imaginable in order to attract large […]

Reflection on the 5 innovations set to revolutionise customer relations

Last Thursday, Prosodie-Capgemini and Capgemini Consulting, in partnership with AFRC, invited 70 customers to the Capgemini Innovation Lab. The objective: to discover and reflect on 5 innovations that, in the short and medium term, look set to turn the customer relations world upside down. Out for the morning at @CapgeminiLabs with the teams from @ProsodieCap@AFRC_v2 […]

What’s happening with the Prosodie-Capgemini and Microsoft partnership?

The launch of a new service The aim of this new unified service is to: – Increase customer satisfaction, – Give each person in the company a relevant role in customer relations, and – Speed up processing of requests. For example, Marc contacts Emma, his banking adviser, to discuss his credit plans. With Odigo Enterprise […]

Redesigning Click-to-Call

Imagine a digital world in which customer service is just a click away. A world in which a hesitation buying something online can be eliminated by calling an adviser, instantly, easily, without being glued to your phone, waiting for a hypothetical callback, without changing terminal and screen, whether you are on your computer, your tablet […]

Infographic: Customer Experience as seen by Prosodie-Capgemini customers

This infographic reveals Customer Experience trends for the coming years. The figures are taken from a survey of 300 people last June during the Prosodie-Capgemini Talk. So what does this survey tell us? For the next 2 years, the smartphone will be the priority channel Almost 1/3 of Prosodie-Capgemini customers confirm that the smartphone will […]