Is there still a future for the Chief Digital Officer?

Although two years ago, the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) did not exist, he is firmly established in the organisation chart of today’s company. According to research, 80% of large companies have a Chief Digital Officer. At Prosodie Capgemini too, we are finding this type of profile more and more. This position is obviously involved in […]

Administration committed to digital

How can we deal with the growing number of users in this increasingly difficult economic environment? How can we improve quality and simplify the service we offer to users? How can we add value to the work our agents do with a view to improving performance? Public bodies must respond to an increase in demand […]

Security, a business factor in customer relations

Being available, instilling confidence and guaranteeing the protection of our customers’ personal data all constitute customer relations security challenges in which we excel. In addition to the services we offer them, users expect from our contact centres continuous and confidential relationship management that respects their privacy. Nobody is safe Companies must therefore prepare to counter […]

Everything you need to know about unbundling

What is unbundling? Behind this word hides a phenomenon that has existed in the mobile world since 2014. Unbundling is the division of a service, for example, into several separate parts. In the world of mobility, this means splitting an application into several smaller applications with a specific use. The unbundling strategies put in place […]

Interview with Fabrice Denele, BPCE Group

Interview with Fabrice Denèle, BPCE Director of Payments, responsible for strategic watch, product design, research and development, innovation and inter-bank representation in the area of payments. Fabrice Denèle, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. The BPCE Group was the first banking group to launch contactless payment with bank cards as opposed to […]

The 10 trends of user experience in 2015

The year 2015 has arrived and we wanted to start the year by sharing with you our 10 UX trends. Mobiles have become the main point of entry to the web and it is becoming crucial for brands wanting to reach out to users that their online showcase is visible on smartphones and tablets.   […]

Digital transformation: how far have you got?

We are using the release of the book Leading Digital as an opportunity to interview one of its authors, Didier Bonnet, Senior Vice President at Capgemini Consulting. He goes over some of the key points of the book and discusses his vision of a successful digital transformation. – Hello, Didier. What is Leading Digital about? […]

Why are companies committed to 360° coordination and vision of their multichannel flows?

According to Forrester, 80% of companies have web, telephone and mobile communication channels that are not integrated, resulting in an increase in costs, as well as dissatisfaction and ignorance of the customer journey. And 75% of consumers change communication channel when they cannot get through to their customer service. The market research company Forrester estimates […]

Why Invest NOW in Analytics?

Years went by before the first Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data projects saw the light of day in companies, though often limited in their scope of application. Data mining, i.e. the ability to automatically or semi-automatically extract knowledge from a large quantity of data, has already been around for almost 25 years. So, if […]

The customer relationship in bank and insurance sector: Reinvention is needed

I work with banks and insurance companies for more than 15 years and I have to admit that I have an issue with understanding the “advisor role” paradox. Each time I meet a bank as a partner or provider, and have discussion with the headquarter teams (either form IT or business), they say:  “Our advisors […]