Customer Relations #LeTalk: an emotional evening!

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On Tuesday 2 June, Prosodie Capgemini welcomed customer relations players to an evening of exchange at the Gaité Lyrique. The speakers were welcomed and encouraged by a packed room. Thanks to everyone who came along!

Four large companies drew on their experience, sharing with us their customer relations stories, whether anecdotes or epics.

Following an introduction from Nicolas Aidoud, representatives of La Poste Business, Air France, Taxis Bleus, and Ikea spoke of their companies’ ambitions for improving the experiences of their customers.

Myriam Nessali, Sales Coordination Director at La Poste Solutions Business, took to the stage first to speak on the topic of “manufacturing confidence”: how is confidence created between a brand and a customer and what are the “ingredients” that instil this confidence?

Speaking about the very specific link between postal workers and their customers, especially in rural zones, Myriam Nessali stressed the importance of confidence. This essential confidence is a real asset for a brand and needs to be maintained, although this is not easy.

Jean-Michel Mathieu, SVP Direct Sales & Services at Air France, then talked about the difficulties involved with leaving room for personal initiatives in a system governed by rules as an airline tends to be. And yet, it is the quality of human interactions with the airline’s personnel that improves customer satisfaction. In this case, how can customer requirements be met while following procedures? Jean-Michel Mathieu makes an allusion to Le Petit Prince when he explains that Air France's ambition is really to “understand the sheep that is in each customer's head”—that is, to understand what each customer holds dearest.

After confidence and personalisation at work in customer relations, Yahia Kadri, Marketing and Communication Manager at Taxis Bleus, talked about the stress suffered by most taxi customers.

It’s actually “pretty stressful to take a taxi”! Taxis Bleus therefore decided to put in place various devices to reduce the stress of its customers and provide them with as much support as possible in their journeys—for example, a GPS service that allows parents to follow their teen’s taxi journey home after an evening out, and a connected button to make ordering a taxi from a hotel very easy.

Taxis Bleus wants to guarantee mobility and availability for its customers: “our aim is to not be too far away when you need us”.

Lastly, the final talk stressed the importance of a brand's sustainable commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction. Pierre Villeneuve, Customer Advocate at Ikea, talked about the links between climate and customer relations in his company.

For 2020, Ikea aims to halve its carbon emissions and recycle 90% of its products! Similarly, the issue of customer transport—for example, for Parisians who are a long way from a store—is crucial for Ikea: the brand has decided to offer bus travel to all Parisians who want to go to an Ikea store.

All of these measures are designed to be adapted to new customer lifestyles: young people are connected and want to make their shopping easy. They want to know where what they are buying comes from, they want to recycle more, etc.

Four speeches from four big companies that revealed different aspects of customer relations and some ambitious projects.

A fifth speaker also took to the stage to talk about what Prosodie does, but using a different format and tone: Charles de Saint Remy, Customer Experience Evangelist, recounted how he explains what Prosodie does to his daughter. A good way to talk about a technical subject in an illustrated way!

Because what Prosodie does is manage a variety of questions put to a brand by customers through a wide variety of channels: 4 billion questions are handled each year.

Watch the video of the evening, coming soon to our YouTube channel.