Customer experience to attract new customers

To deal with a high attrition rate, fierce competition from the GAFA and new lifestyle behaviours, banks faced many challenges that affect their information system. To remain profitable, and attract millenials they must encourage loyalty and set themselves apart from competition.

Reconciling efficiency and proximity

« Within this context, the banks are seeking to optimize two levers that are difficult to reconcile: efficiency and a feeling of proximity » Renaud Beauzemont, Commercial Manager, Banking Sector.

Efficiency by delivering information, helping the right people at the right time, to get the maximum benefit in terms of both satisfaction and conversion and, in general, to find the right balance between self-care and human contact. But also taking advantage of analytics to get a better understanding of customers and analyze their different journeys in detail.

A feeling of proximity with the ability to easily contact an adviser or a branch.

Odigo for digital banking and your branches

We support banks in their omnichannel customer relationship strategy with innovative cloud solutions, by redefining the branch of tomorrow and enhancing digital platforms with Odigo Concierge, chat and natural langage.

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