Infographic: Customer Experience as seen by Prosodie-Capgemini customers

This infographic reveals Customer Experience trends for the coming years. The figures are taken from a survey of 300 people last June during the Prosodie-Capgemini Talk.

So what does this survey tell us?

For the next 2 years, the smartphone will be the priority channel

Almost 1/3 of Prosodie-Capgemini customers confirm that the smartphone will be the priority channel for the next two years.

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The mobile dominates, and will increasingly dominate, the digital world. The shrinking of smartphone call fees and plan rates, and the growing number of applications, partly explain this phenomenon. According to the “2015 Digital, Social and Mobile” report, mobiles are increasing the online penetration rate, and the milestone of half the human population online will be reached in the second half of 2016.

Companies are ready to roll out new features on their websites

Among those questioned, 33% intend to roll out new tools on their website: a solution for managing email, a chat tool or even a knowledge base. This decision-making tool makes the work of agents easier and enables them to quickly meet the demands of clients the first time they reach out for assistance.

Voice is not to be outdone: 27% say they want to introduce natural language technology on their voice server.

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Our analysis of these figures shows that with the arrival of digital, consumers want to be able to move easily from one channel to another, before completing their purchases. E-commerce sites are becoming cross-channel.

The telephone is still the first channel used to get in touch with a brand, a store or an adviser. Although motivation is changing, it is now used for more complex reasons. New voice technologies, such as natural language, natural conversation and voice biometrics, enable companies to quickly qualify and direct calls to provide an automatic response or a response from an agent, to give reassurance or to meet an interpersonal need.

Offering an innovative customer journey is a priority!

56% of those questioned say that they want to adapt to new customer behaviour in terms of mobility, social networks and connected objects. This was also the case for the launch of the Apple Watch last April, as almost 3,000 applications were already available on the App Store.

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With regard to the priority for companies of building customer loyalty, 3 out of 4 say they want to offer their contacts an innovative customer journey and provide them with a more appropriate conversation channel so that they can get in touch easily.

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The Chief Digital Officer: The new digital leader?

Responsible for supporting companies in their digital transformation, the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has various missions associated with the maturity of their organisation.

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Therefore, where this position actually exists, it tends to be under the Marketing Department for 31% of those questioned, or under a cross-functional department for 24%.

The vast majority of companies are on the road to digitalisation, but not all of them have yet taken the plunge when it comes to appointing a CDO in-house. For 39% of them, no such position exists.

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2015 Talk review infographic