Innovation Battle, the winner is ADOK !


The first edition of “Battle de l’innovation“, organized by AFRC and Capgemini Group, awards the first prize to ADOK.

ADOK transforms any table into a giant tablet. With an ultraportable touch screen projector, Adok creates a tactile and connected surface that allows multiple users to work or to entertain simultaneously. Adok offers the possibility to take the leap from “Personal Computer” to a “Shared Computer” and overcome the screen barrier, enhancing sharing and coproductivity.

For those who are not yet familiar with the initiative, Innovation Battle is a innovation competition launched this year by AFRC (Association Française de la Relation Client) and Capgemini group. Its purpose is to reward and encourage innovation in the field of customer and/or employee experience. The winner will be awarded resources  – a team of multidisciplinary experts of Capgemini Group – to help develop their idea.

Eric Dadian, President of AFRC, what motivated the AFRC to organize the Innovation Battle ?

« AFRC –  great community of experts in Customer Relationship – and Capgemini Group wanted to create a new event decisively exploring the future Customer Relationship sector. »

Florent Guillaume, Managing Consultant at Capgemini Consulting, why did you decide to reward the innovation ?

« Based on the success of an event organized around 5 innovations in September, AFRC and we wanted to go one step further and demonstrate two strong convictions.

First, we consider that an innovation can only work if it is customer-oriented, in the meaning that it addresses a strong customer need, for example if it offers solution to problems interfering with the process. Any innovation must also generate a long-term value for the customer, the company and its employees. Our second conviction is that the innovation is a matter of all ; not only the start-ups ! The traditional organizations have initiated a profound change of their operating methods, significantly inspired by methods developed by small organizations (start-up lean), and therefore are forced to adopt innovations to face new business competition (these “barbarians”, as named by TheFamily) and maintain their market position. »

Read the full interview with Florent

34 start-up application files, from students and intrapreneurs, have been received and 12 finalist candidates competed, on May 12, at Applied Innovation Exchange to defend their position. In less than 3 minutes, the finalist candidates gave their best to convince the public and the jury.

For the jury* members, experts in customer relationship and/or innovation sector, the choice wasn’t easy. Each innovation was analyzed in different perspectives, firstly according to its disruptive character, then the value created for the customer or the employee, its impact on the customer experience, the response to a real need and obviously its business potential. Other criteria, as the level of maturity of each project and the quality of pitch delivered on D day by each finalist, have been also taken into consideration.

Myriam Nessali, Director of Lab’ innovation of Poste Business Solutions, 34 files, 12 finalists, what do you think about candidates and what did you learn from this experience ? « Great initiative ! I was really impressed by the quality of files and excited by all candidates who came for live pitching. Really great idea for allowing the companies and startups to meet all at once in a pro, high tech and friendly context. I spent such a great time as a member of jury. We should really repeat that !  » Other three winners will be hosted for two months within the Cool & Workers, a coworking space located in neighbourhood of Bastille, Paris, to benefit from a pleasant working environment and from exchanges with other start-ups helping develop their project :

    • Avekapeti : Avekapeti : imagine a neighbor delivering you a homemade lunch to your office, and it costs less than McDonald’s! And if there are no chefs near your company, they guarantee delivery.
    • Digifood is a a web and mobile platform that offers a range of available products that you can pick up at pickup points. Even if the pickup point is crowded, you will have your order in 5 minutes. With over 10,000 customers and 5,000 orders delivered across France, Digifood aims to move on to delivering food in stadiums and in other sectors.
    • Connected Haircut : Connected Haircut, an offer to digitize hair salons & reinvent the customer experience.
        • 1 – Headband connected to analyze the nature of hair
        • 2 – Hairstylist IPAD Questionnaire to understand the hair care process
        • 3 – Miror/screen connected to analyze the morphology
        • 4 – 3D virtual trial with sharing on Facebook for network review
        • 5 – Mobile App with hair care evaluation, eshop, appointments, notifications, video tutorials.

Eric Dadian, which is your conclusion after this first edition ?

« With Innovation Battle, we honored especially the start-up initiatives, enhancing the customer experience of the future. »