Interview with Laurent Nizri: Paris Fintech

Hello Laurent Nizri, you are the CEO of Altéir Consulting, founder of the Paris Fintech Forum and Vice President of ACSEL. The event Finance Digitale & Fintech comes to an end; you have gathered 102 speakers including 80 fintechs from 12 different countries, over 600 participants and you are sold out. What were your ambitions? What are your thoughts on the event?

This event was organised under the high patronage of Axelle Lemaire, State Secretary for the Digital Economy. Our aim was to honour the French and European innovation by organizing the biggest Digital Finance event in Europe. And it’s done, since we have gathered 80 fintechs, attracted a hundred of speakers from different countries representing a large diversity of professions: from payment players to crowdfunding players, credit facilities, bankers and insurers and of course regulators. The ecosystem of Digital Finance was present.

During the forum, we have debated about the regulation and sector evolutions that will help the actors to develop beyond their borders.

We facilitated the exchanges between the major groups and innovative startups. François Pérol, CEO of Groupe BPCE or Jacques Richier, CEO of Allianz France, spoke alongside Tom Blomfield, CEO of Mondo, startup created in 2015, or Hiroki Takeuchi, CEO of GoCardless, founded in 2011.

We have also observed the initiatives of other geographic zones to understand, learn and to get inspired by the good ideas. 47 fintechs pitched in front of an international jury of 7; 5 Paris Fintech Forum awards were presented at the end of the day in Loot (UK), Investglass (CH), Zympay (UK), Fluo (FR) and Mooverang (ES). All the pitches will be soon available on video at

Lastly, this day was simply a place where the longstanding stakeholders, regulatory authorities from France and Europe and the startups met to discuss current opportunities, threats to the development of the fintechs and to identify what could/should evolve if we wish this industry to succeed.

A project dedicated to 80 fintechs selected by Altéir Consulting for being on the scene has been realized. It represents state of the art of fintech and a monograph for each of the fintechs concerned.

You can request the Fintech Selection by email

According to a study by YouGov, one French in two expects to use at least one fintech by 2020 and one in four will use the services of a fintech for at least half of their financial activities. In your opinion, how will the banking market structure itself with these new entrants?

It will be a competition in a world of collaboration or a collaboration in a world of competition: the coopetition. The arrival of these new startups on the market is a big deal. They dust off the operating modes, challenge longstanding stakeholders with shots of technological innovation and new functions. But I think that there will be no big bang, at least not in France. The fintechs entered in the Ecosystem, they will take the significant parts and the banks won’t do without these new entrants. The banks consist of customers or potential business partners, and the question the banks ask themselves today is more about whom to enter into a contract with for the win-win co-development.

Finance Digitale & Fintech event was a success, what are you preparing for 2017?

2017 will be different or even better! We want it to be full of surprises. I can already tell you that we are analyzing the organization of this event over several days to be able to deepen certain subjects and host more international delegations, coming from the USA, for example. It is certain that we wish to keep the same standards and quality both in the presentations and the reception of guests. I recommend subscribing to our newsletter to receive information about the digital finance, get updated on the publication of videos of the PFF 2016, receive a preview version of our event calendar and benefit from the conditions of privileged access to these resources.