Speech analytics

Anticipating understanding of your market and the needs of your customers becomes a key advantage compared to other organizations. And who can tell you more about your business than your customers? Each 5mn call contains more than 1000 words, so listen to them!

Odigo Pulse – Speech Analytics offers advanced features that help you gather valuable information with thousands, even millions of calls from your customers. This reveals essential information about the cost factors, trends, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of your processes and products. You can better understand and analyze how your offer is perceived by the market.

For what uses ?

  • Identification of grounds for appeal.
  • Detection of clients at risk (Churn / Retention).
  • Identification of risks of non-compliance.
  • Analysis of self-service failures.
  • Evaluation of Performance Agents.

Key Features :

  • 100% analysis of telephone conversations with customers.
  • Discovery and identification of significant trends.
  • Semantic intelligence with the automatic creation of themes.
  • Predictive research.
  • Automatic emotion detection.
  • Visual mapping of each synchronized call with text transcription (including separation of speakers)
  • Automatic email alerts