Odigo Campaign

Proactive communication with yours customers

Today having the sole initiative to create a contact between customers and the company is no longer enough. Communication needs to be more proactive, for which, it is imperative that companies use the channels of communication that the customers prefer.

Do you need to send texts directly from your business applications? Generate information campaigns by email? Optimize the activity of your agents with outgoing calls? Launch satisfaction surveys, or drop voice messages? Divide sending for your entire enterprise? Our solution will help you implement an effective outbound communication.


  • Use a powerful tool to organize your outbound cross-channel communication efficiently in a unitary real-time mode or through mass campaigns.
  • Benefit from strong business commitments thanks to the strength, and reliability of our high performance and high availability infrastructure.
  • Appreciate our user-friendly economic model and unique invoicing, whatever the channel and issuer of your message