Authentication: customize your customer relationship

How do you deal with specific requirements of your customers?

Are your customers’ requests quickly understood? Does your IVR have functions of identification and authentification? Is your customer’s history well-used?

For companies looking to optimize the experience of their customers, smooth vocal reception integrating with customized answers is a priority. Whether it is about building customer loyalty or acquiring new customers, recognizing your customer in order to develop a long lasting relationship is a necessity.

Odigo Authentication offers a wide range of services to bring customization to your customer host system:

  • Integrates best technologies in the market, to handle speech recognition, natural language and vocal biometric features.
  • Optimizes recognition of your customers and personalize answers provided, with CRM/ERP, voice cookies, and Text to Speech.
  • Interconnects gateways to your business applications for operation and updation of data of your CRM.