IVR: provide the best experience to your customers

Does your answering service bring customer satisfaction?

The voice channel is still the main means of contacting your organization with your customers expecting more from customer service, and you, searching for a way to rationalize costs.

So, does your sound identity keep up? What level of customization do you offer? Are you connected to the CRM? How are you likely to react to necessary changes? In particular, are your processes flexible enough? Do your customers access the information? Finally how much of a Self-service are you able to provide?

Odigo IVR offers an efficient and high-quality voice service thanks to our know-how and experience:

  • Integration of the best available technologies to handle the natural language, voice recognition, and the analysis of speech.
  • Rich solutions that allow both significant improvement in customer experience and administration of your service on a day-to-day basis.
  • A professional voice studio provides you high-quality sound.
  • Highly available technical platforms with strong capacities of call peaks absorption.