Payment: a seamless experience

Payment security is a major challenge in maintaining customer confidence.

Do you have a solution that accepts all your payments in accordance with the PCI-DSS regulation? Web, mobile, and even voice? Have you found a solution to secure your payment by phone?

Odigo Payment proposes a front-end, multi-channel, secure and certified PCI-DSS Level 1, which makes it easy for your customers to pay, wherever they are, and through any channel – online, mobile, or voice.


Whichever is the channel of contact, the customer will be guaranteed the best security while handling his data payments. With Call&Pay, we also propose a solution to secure your IVR payments (with an agent or with an automate IVR payment).

Highly Secured

Certified on each channel with the standard PCI-DSS Level 1 V3, we are every year fully audited to propose a highly secured user experience.

Cloud and highly reliable platform

WebServices facilitates the integration with your web shop and other systems to propose a seamless experience and an improved shopping journey, ably supported by our expert technicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.