Virtual agent & Bots: On-line support 24-7

Is your website effective?

How many of your customers don’t find what they’re looking for in your website? How many requests does your Contact Center get from your customers who failed to find answers on your website or web app ?

Virtual Agent improves customer experience and relieves your contact center to focus only on the complex issues

  • Our Virtual Agent is designed based on a powerful dialogue engine that understands requests in natural language. Virtual Agent can handle thousands of conversations simultaneously at any time on many devices.
  • Use our ergonomic web-based interface to manage your knowledge base, implement decisions to deliver more accurate answers, also display rich content and redirect it towards internal and external websites.
  • Identify main themes, rate answers, and customer satisfaction achieved. Access the conversation logs to drive your service and fine-tune your knowledge base.
  • Rely on our expertise to quickly reach your ROI, thanks to incoming interaction deflection.