Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD): the Maestro of your customer interactions

Do you have an efficient tool for managing your customer interactions?

With the arrival of new practices (digital, mobility, customization) the major stake for companies is to balance customer satisfaction (the right response through the right channel) and performance optimisation. From now on, we are looking to find an answer to the following questions: who is my customer? With whom were they in contact during their last call? What is their mail or chat history? What are the available resources and expertise to respond them quickly? How to manage the organisation of my activity on different sites?If you solve all those problematics, you will be able to provide your customers the best resolution at firts contact!

Manage your interactions effectively with Odigo Routing:

  • Multi-channel distribution engine to boost the processing and the 360 vision of your Customer Relationship
  • For your agents, a turnkey web desktop solution inspired by the best practices of the Customer Relations
  • Or the integration of a customized desktop in your CRM with an API
  • A quick deployment independent from the infrastructure of your sites, matching an economic model in use for a quick ROI.