Call Routing: manage yourself your service numbers!

Can you operate on the distribution of your incoming telephone flows?

In an organisation of a multi-site or multi-activity company, the control of its incoming flows and the ability to adapt to the present is a guarantee of efectiveness. Quickly modify the routing of service numbers, predict a normal/backup functioning, limit the calls depending on the capacity of a site, manage a blacklist or even route calls depending on their source, all these common operations needs to be completed in full autonomy.

Gain more autonomy and efficiency with Odigo Cloud Routing thanks to:

  • Self-care administration in real time of all your service numbers from a web interface.
  • Routing options that respond to principal needs identified by the helpline.
  • An ideal solution to have a backup plan if emergency.
  • Native integration with all our Odigo solutions (Voice, IVR, Routing, …) to go beyond basic routing of your flows if necessary.