Email: Raise the standard on email answers

There is nothing worse than receiving an email reply through an automated system which doesn’t answer your question.

Too many email systems use automation to handle high volumes of emails faster, but fall way short on delivering accurate answers. Companies face significant challenges responding to the growth of email. Email isn’t fading with all the social buzz. Customers – across all demographics – like the written audit trail and flexibility of email and as a result.

Improve the quality and accuracy of your agents’ email replies and reduce the volume of incoming calls and mails.

With Odigo Mail, you can leverage a common and multichannel knowledge base, with a suggestion of automatic responses, which help your agent suggest standardized answers for similar interactions.

Odigo Mail can also take you on the journey to online self-service by using your email replies to inbound queries to build a searchable knowledge base of customer service information which your customers can easily access online. Your call and email volumes will immediately decline as customers find the answers they want on your website.