Video: See through your customers’ eyes

How far are you willing to go to deliver an outstanding customer experience?

We live in a fast paced world. Customers’ expectation of service quality has certainly evolved. They demand immediate response, personalized service and fast solutions.

How can you address these challenges while coherently relating with your end-consumers?

Introducing Odigo Video – your means to leverage visual support for your customers.

Odigo video improves your customer/user experience

  • There is no need for your agent to install and learn a new system.
  • For your customers, Odigo Video calling is a part of your mobile or web application that allows them to have live interactions with your agent by simply touching a button.
  • Sessions can be recorded and automatically linked to the customer within your CRM.
  • Create your own experience leveraging Odigo Video APIs.

Achieve results that deliver clear benefits and ROI

  • Leverage remote guidance to enhance customer satisfaction levels.
  • Configurable Experience by a myriad of uses/features.
  • Resolve calls faster by means of video diagnosis.
  • Reduce costs by removing unnecessary shipping.