Customer Feedback Management, a gold mine to valorize

Are you a customer company? In a crowded marketplace, the ability to listen to customer-speak differentiates customer companies from mere product/service firms. Odigo Customer Feedback Management helps you listen to (and analyze) what customers are telling you. It improves responsiveness by identifying the gaps between customer expectations and the quality of delivery.

Listen to them

Everyone likes to be heard, but customers have a right to be heard. Whether it’s the excitement at the point of purchase, the reluctance that leads them to abandon carts, or buyer’s remorse that drives cancellations, customers are always communication. And with easy-to-use, Odigo Customer feedback Management tools, you can listen to what they’re trying to say and measure customer satisfaction in real-time through the channel(s) you prefer – voice, e-mail, text, chat.

Analyze their expectations

Real-time feedback is only as good as how it’s presented and the speed at which you can analyze it to create value – at the point of actions. The tool presents a personalized dashboard that brings speed and precision to customer perception and satisfaction analyses. You define the key performance indicators (Net Promoter Score, Consumer Effort Score), while the analysis helps determine your response.

Collaborate to improve responsiveness

Customer companies are made of diverse sets of creative people, passionate about customer centricity – which is precisely why collaboration is key to improving responsiveness. Odigo Customer feedback Management provides all your evaluated employees personalized access to the tool, bringing a pool of capabilities to the process of creating customer value.