Quality Monitoring: grow your people

Do you want to evaluate the qualitative performance of your agents at any given point in time? Do you want to precisely detect areas for improvement so you can invest only in trainings that will be productive for your Agents? Would you like to have flexibility and responsiveness when applying a policy of Quality Monitoring for your agents?

With Odigo Quality Monitoring, you have the flexibility to design your evaluation, analyze and monitor the qualitative performance of your agents.


With a grid management interface, you can define and create your own evaluation grid with full autonomy. You can request typologies, geographic areas, rating logics, weighting, certification rules and several such criteria that allow you create your own evaluation forms.


Reports provided allow you to monitor and detect areas for improvement. You can view the reports in real-time and gauge the quality of customer relationship depending on pre-defined criteria. You can quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses by yours advisors, teams, countries, channels and providers.


Based on the feedback you receive, you can provide specific trainings to employees who need them. You can choose to have access to the audio recordings as well. Employee will have their own access to evaluations and can independently improve their performance.