Scripting is an intuitive Agent application designed for and used by contact centres, which provides the necessary features to design highly customisable agent desktop solutions.

Reduced call handling times, increasing first call resolution, ensuring compliance are the main benefits of the solution.

Highlights :

Agent Desktop

  • Support multiple channels of communication ;
  • Integration to your existing telephony or dialler solution ;
  • Display agent KPI’s via virtual wallboards ;
  • Validate addresses & bank details ensuring data integrity

Campaign Creation & Management

  • Rapid development of scripts using toolbox of pre- developed controls ;
  • Roll out script changes in real-time with no agent downtime ;
  • Enable changes and versions to be tracked and audited ;
  • Create templates to use across multiple campaigns ;
  • Integrate to 3rd party applications & databases to enrich scripting functionality ;
  • Improving communication between Managers and agents via agent messaging (alerting to campaign updates, upcoming traffic spikes or daily memos).

Statistics & Reporting

  • Scheduling and Filtering reports based on script values ;
  • Report on all script related data to compare trends ;
  • Monitoring productivity via agent activity statistics and reports ;
  • Generating sales activity, sales value and revenue reports.