Workforce Management: optimize your team’s planning


Human resources represent more than 65% of contact centre costs. In order to optimize these costs while respecting customer service excellence, it becomes crucial to find the right algorithm to have the proper amount of agents with the right skills in the right place, at the right time.

Odigo Workforce Management is a solution designed to optimize team planning, thus bringing you better service, cost reduction and satisfied employees.

Human resources management

Issues related to human resources management are the main concern of workforce management. By integrating a HR management module, Odigo allows you to fill each employee profile (employment contracts, norms, skills, work duration…).


There is no successful planning without good forecasting. A forecasting engine allows you to cleverly predict your contact volumes (calls, emails, chat), turnover, ACT, communication plans, etc and to estimate staff requirements concurrently.


Thanks to an optimization engine, which prepares a simulation based on the workload scenario and HR constrains, Odigo offers you a resource planning feature: creation of plans with consolidated view and application by individual.