Odigo Customer interaction Hub

Don’t just acquire your customers, welcome them. Don’t just record customer interactions, route them and don’t just transact with your customers, engage them.

Odigo™ – the full-stack cloud-based contact center solution

Odigo™ is a modular platform targeted towards customer care, sales, and service desk processes for end users, company employees, and citizens in the public sector. With more than 350 clients in 17 countries, Odigo™ handles around 3bn interactions per year, including voice, messaging, email, video chats, social media messages, SMS, and IoT transactions. It has four modules:

  • Odigo Concierge, an omnichannel (voice and digital) bot, designed for self-service and qualification
  • Odigo Campaign suite to push messages for marketing campaigns and notifications

Odigo™ will provide your business with:

  • An enhanced customer experience
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Improved decision-making
  • An enhanced customer loyalty and brand reputation

Odigo™ focuses on two key human elements in the customer relationship to deliver what we term “the symmetry of attention.” These are the call-center agent and, of course, your customer.

For your individual customer, Odigo™ provides a homogenous, omnichannel experience that delivers the desired outcomes rapidly.

Prosodie – Capgemini a proven leader in customer interaction management

Odigo is used by more than 400,000 advisors across the world. Odigo™ handles more than five million minutes and close to one million™ SMSs for our clients every day.

As a telecom operator, editor and integrator, we help our clients to increase customer satisfaction and revenue, while reducing operational costs.

We have agreements for highly confidential hosting like healthcare datas and payment transactions as well (PCI DSS)., and are certified IS 27001, IS 20000-1 et IS 9001.