Odigo, the integrated solution for managing multichannel customer interactions in cloud mode, helps companies to improve the customer experience, perform better, become more efficient, reduce costs and develop sales.

The power of Odigo

Your customers are increasingly connected, better informed, fickle and community-based, and managing your customer relations has become a real challenge! The solution? Adapt on a daily basis and offer new and unique customer experiences. The power of Odigo lies in helping companies to create and strengthen links with prospects and customers.

Odigo, creator of conversations

Odigo manages 3 billion conversations by putting customers in touch with the company’s advisers (contact centres, experts or mobile workers) or with our self-service platforms

Savings with the cloud

Odigo’s cloud positioning means a quicker time to market, a pay-per-use business model and great agility, allowing you to quickly deploy the solution to all of your users whatever the organisation.