Odigo Campaign

Efficient notification of your customers using their preferred medium

Send the right messages in just a few clicks

Efficiently inform all of your customers or employees, in France or overseas, taking into account their preferred method of communication: SMS, email, voice message or PushApps. With Odigo Campaign, create ad hoc campaigns using a web interface or automate your transmissions from a business application by integrating an API.

Build customer loyalty and increase your conversion rate
Appointment reminders, emergencies, follow-ups and monitoring of files: be proactive to make your customers’ lives easier while streamlining your costs. Coupons, promotions, personalised offers… Encourage your contacts to come to your website or store to increase your conversion rate.

Monitor your service quality instantly
Following an in-branch contact, a telephone conversation with one of your agents, a purchase or a service, analyse the satisfaction of your customers instantly by automatically sending them an SMS. View the responses aggregated in real time as your customers respond.