Odigo Chat

Enhance the online experience with proactive, instant assistance

Increase your website’s effectiveness

Do all of your visitors find the answer they are looking for? How many potential customers abandon their transaction mid-purchase? Odigo Chat lets you target the visitors who really need it, be proactive and give an immediate response by chat. Your conversion rate and average spend are considerably increased, as is the satisfaction of your internet users who are missing information.

Make advisers more efficient

The behaviour targeting engine analyses the navigation context and the nature of your visitors so that your advisers can concentrate on added value interactions. With Odigo Chat, your advisers can manage more conversations simultaneously, have a knowledge bank at their disposal to respond more quickly and can direct navigation to provide the best support possible.

Coordinate your activity

You supervise conversations in real time, get activity reports and monitor conversion. Our experts audit your website and provide you with support to continuously improve your targeting strategy and your return on investment.

Our easy-to-use web interfaces enable you to coordinate your activity effectively.