Odigo Email

Make email handling a customer relations asset

Adapt to your organisation

Distribute emails to the right people, wherever they are, prioritise your emails with the same degree of detail as your calls, depending on the reasons, the business, the semantic analysis and the sentiment of the message. Odigo Mail offers scalability and the tools to adapt to the largest organisations and manage your interactions with the required level of industrialisation and the traceability you need.

Improve compliance and response time, reduce follow-ups

Odigo Mail offers an ergonomic interface and a knowledge bank that suggests responses to the operator. Automatic responses and reply templates are preconfigured so that your advisers can focus on the best response to give.

Reduce costs through self-service

With Odigo Mail, the more you deal with interactions, the more you add to your knowledge bank, which you can publish on your website. Offer a dynamic FAQ section that will provide an immediate response for your online users, reducing the volume of incoming interactions.