Odigo Payment

Integrate payment as a natural and secure point in multichannel customer relations

Payment via the voice channel

Of the so-called “online” channels, the telephone gives the best support to the end customer during a sale, especially a sale of complex products or services. It is also an effective channel for recovering debts or offering additional after-sales services to a customer. The Odigo Pay solution, boasting PCI-DSS certification, lets you incorporate bank card payment into your telephone services.

Enjoy an agnostic, secure solution for a low cost

When you launch a new online service, especially on the telephone channel, it is important to keep your payment acquirer (PSP or bank) or to change it, without modifying your service, while maintaining a secure environment. The PSP-agnostic Odigo Pay offer is designed to construct payment journeys that comply with PCI-DSS.

A key moment in the customer relationship

The payment act must be seamlessly included in the customer journey while maintaining the customer's confidence with a secure system. Odigo Pay helps you to define and implement payment experiences that are both ergonomic and secure within your multichannel services.