Odigo Routing

Connect your customer to the right person at the right time

Understand your customer's context

Who is your customer? Who did he speak to last time? What has he tweeted since last time? What problems does he have? What competent resources do you have available to give him an answer in the next few minutes? Odigo Routing is the orchestrator of your organisation, putting your customer in touch with the right person within your company.

Adapt to your organisation

Your customer service staff are spread over several contact centres, in stores, in branches, out on the road or at home, and you may also have external resources. Odigo Routing frees you of your organisational and geographical restrictions and helps you to achieve the main objective: operational efficiency.

Coordinate your activity in real time

Do you urgently need to manage a daily or seasonal peak in traffic, a crisis situation or a one-off organisational change? These types of event have a significant effect on how you coordinate your activity and you must react quickly. Odigo Routing gives you 360° vision of your contacts in real time and offers you the flexibility you need to adapt while maintaining your quality of service.