Odigo Social

Respond appropriately to interactions on social media

Start conversations on social networks and unite your community

Telephone, email and website are no longer your brand’s only shop front. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, forums and review sites… Odigo Social collects all of the social media traffic that concerns you and to which you need to respond within an acceptable time. You can also construct your community under your banner, provide a space for exchange and rely on the community to strengthen your support.

One console for all interactions

Odigo Social lets you classify, distribute and even prioritise, based on business rules and influence scores on social networks, all of the conversations through a single interface. In push or pull mode, your advisers identify customers regardless of their identity on these media and respond consistently thanks to the multichannel knowledge bank.

Coordinate your activity in real time

Like with the other channels, you monitor in real time the first contact response rate and all of the metrics essential to your level of commitment to guarantee support and satisfaction. Manage the health of your community and construct your FAQ to reduce your volume of incoming interactions and your costs.