Odigo Voice

The most direct, most engaging contact for your customers

Understand your customers to serve them better

With Natural Language, simplify the voice journey of your customers and optimise mobilisation of your agents thanks to better qualification of calls. These same customers often call when they are stressed or angry and you need to know how to act. Emotion detection identifies high-risk calls to ensure a quicker response where appropriate. Lastly, would you like to increase the efficiency of your services? With Speech Analytics, identify the preferences of your customers, and what makes them happy or unhappy, to better meet their expectations in the future.

Voice authentication for an optimum customer experience

Voice authentication guarantees a positive experience for your customers, freeing them from the need to remember a confidential code, which is often forgotten, while limiting the risk of fraud. By simplifying customer identification, benefit from a considerable ROI by avoiding the need for your agents to get involved.

Make your customers’ lives easier with voice controlled applications

With Voice App, give your customers the option to browse, coordinate and perform services using voice commands, directly in a digital application. You can then give them access to services in a built-in application on a mobile or tablet, or direct them to a web page or voice service for services connected to an external IS.