Odigo Prepaid

Generate new revenue with prepayment services

Go paperless and offer new services

Prepayment is the perfect way to replace paper securities (cash, cheques or coupons), which are limited and not very secure, or to offer payment options appropriate to your business. Prepaid is a proven and versatile prepaid programme management solution that works with gift cards, meals, incentives, salaries, social benefits, reimbursements, etc.

Maximise your security sales network and target all of your customer relations channels

The success of a prepaid service relies on being able to distribute the securities through the largest network possible. It is also essential to address, for their sales and their spending, all of your customer relations channels: stores, branches or e-commerce sites. Prepaid can be used to manage B2B and B2C programmes. It is multichannel, interoperable with all in-store and online “point of sale” technologies and already connected to a qualified distribution network.

A complete industrial solution

To quickly launch a new prepaid service and guarantee revenue, it is essential to have a complete, secure and industrial solution. Prepaid is a one-stop shop that, in addition to programme management, includes the manufacture of cards and logistics. It complies with the best security practices and each year handles high volumes of securities with high transaction peaks.