Contact center

New uses (mobility, collaboration, personalisation) and the need to create a uniform experience across multiple channels are forcing companies to change or develop their tools and processes with a view to achieving 360° customer relations management.

“The transformation of the customer experience involves the modernisation of contact centres and their ability to incorporate new technologies and trends, while optimising their performance,” says Sébastien Pacheff, Supply Manager at Prosodie-Capgemini

Qualification and routing of multichannel traffic are essential. The company needs to understand the customer’s requirement quickly or even preempt it to offer him a resolution the first time he gets in touch. For example, putting its best customers in touch with their favourite adviser right away enables a company to keep them happy and encourage their loyalty.

As well as knowing how to offer a multitude of contact points and having effective resources, the challenge for companies is therefore also having tools for simple and effective coordination of its interactions.

To respond to customer demands that are often complex, advisers, more than ever before, need to rely on flexible, ergonomic, easy-to-use tools integrated into the CRM.

For supervisors, these management tools give a real-time view of activity, allowing them to support their agents, and design or adapt, as appropriate, their strategy for handling requests. As for general managers, the summary view of the indicators of their activity, which is now possible even when they are on the road, helps them to make decisions quickly.

Prosodie-Capgemini provides multichannel interaction management solutions to create virtual contact centres that are capable of creating a unique customer experience.