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In an increasingly digital world, ultra-connected, better-informed customers are demanding more of companies. They simply want to be able to get in touch with them at any time, before, during and after they have bought something, regardless of the channel they choose. These new ways of interacting with customers are significantly changing the Customer Relations strategies of companies.

“Customers are looking for simplicity, responsiveness, personalisation and proactiveness. The effective brand will be the one that can offer the right media at the right time” Thierry Fourquet, Innovation Manager.

For companies and organisations, there are many challenges. They find themselves having to offer a simple, consistent and seamless omnichannel journey, and innovating to make themselves stand out. And it is only by offering this unique, exclusive customer experience that they will bring in added value throughout the purchase and build the loyalty of their customers.

“Companies are getting organised, barriers are being broken down between departments, they are putting themselves in the customer’s shoes and putting in place new offers to get a 360° vision of their journey”

This transformation is quickly getting under way with a view to optimising costs across all channels and achieving the perfect balance between Customer Experience and Performance.

Prosodie-Capgemini, an expert in customer relations for over 25 years, supports more than 350 customers in their omnichannel strategy, offering them innovative solutions in tune with new consumer behaviour.

*Source: Forrester 2013