Interactive web

– The corporate portal

The corporate portal, the single entry point for various websites, seems today to meet the expectations of consumers who are looking for clear, simple, comprehensive information that is available through all channels.

Companies and government administrations have to manage all secure transactions performed in the portal transparently and smoothly, and create interactions between the portal and the different parts of the IS such as the CRM and the supply chain.

“To rise to these new challenges, existing infrastructures are changing, becoming more flexible and evolving with new technologies while remaining highly secure, available and effective” Thierry Fourquet, Innovation Manager.

– E-commerce

With digital, e-commerce is becoming cross-channel. Consumers want to switch easily from one channel to another before they complete their purchases.

“The choices made by IT Departments have a real impact on the company’s performance and agility”

As well as the ongoing management of costs and consumer requirements, IT Departments are faced with new challenges:

  • Applications: the ability to define, manage and coordinate the e-stores hosted
  • Marketing: the integration of added value services linked to loyalty building and advertising campaigns
  • Payment: the option to have the full scope of existing solutions
  • Technical: the ability to develop, integrate and maintain all of the connectors between the e-commerce site and the company’s IS
  • Big data analytics: the multitude of data gathered helps to give a consolidated view of the customer experience on the different channels.

Prosodie-Capgemini works hand in hand with companies to give them the advantages of the cloud and a comprehensive service based on these four key components: security, innovation, expertise and the financial model.