Payment – Prepayment

Website, mobile application, telephone or even a physical store: consumers now use several channels to find out information and transform their purchases.

In response to these new uses, payments are changing and becoming digital, accompanied by new, complementary services to appeal to users.

There are many options for new payment journeys: someone with a wallet can, for example, through a secure mobile application, make a purchase in a physical store while using his loyalty points; or someone with a prepaid card or vouchers can use his credit on any website.

In order to offer this flexibility without sacrificing legitimate security requirements, more and more companies are looking for innovative payment solutions that are available as services adapted to their profession and the needs of their end users.

This expectation is shared by professionals in many sectors, like banking, retail and e-commerce, as well as insurance, the public sector and suppliers of motivation solutions, marketing and payroll companies, etc.

To respond to these challenges, Prosodie-Capgemini provides companies with flexible, omnichannel and secure payment and prepayment solutions (PCI-DSS). They can quickly offer simple and attractive services, while guaranteeing security and confidence for the end user.