Proactive customer communications

In a competitive market, companies are looking to win over and retain new customers.

Whatever strategy is put in place, this means that customer expectations need to be met and even preempted by establishing closer relationships with them. Proactive communication meets all of these expectations if it is personalised, used wisely and respectful of individual choices.

For example, messages offering reassurance, such as an appointment confirmation, SMS notification of receipt of a package and even alerts to indicate abnormal water consumption are now seen as real services by the customer.

Delivered on his channel of choice, the information received as a result of proactive communication anticipates needs and avoids pointless incoming contacts that clog up contact centres.

To learn everything about the customer, companies are relying on analytical solutions to understand their expectations, find the right mix of channels in the customer journey and identify new indicators to coordinate Customer Service activities more efficiently and therefore increase customer satisfaction.

Prosodie-Capgemini offers communication solutions for both mass outgoing campaigns and individual interactions with customers.