Workforce optimisation

Companies today are searching for the perfect balance between a successful customer experience and the performance of their teams.

Reasons for customers getting in touch have become harder and harder to understand. To quickly meet all the demands of customers the first time they reach out, agents are looking to use decision-making tools such as scripting or a shared knowledge base.

As well as the quality of the responses, the other challenge for contact centres is that of optimisation. In fact, they are adopting solutions, such as planning or agent skills management, to optimise the performance of their teams.

To improve the competence of their resources further, the strengths and weaknesses of each agent are identified, through analysis of recorded and written conversations. A personalised performance plan, and even coaching, can easily be put in place for each agent.

 For Thierry Fourquet, Innovation Manager “The more workforce optimisation solutions are made available to the agent, the more the agent will boost his performance” 

Prosodie-Capgemini offers companies a range of operational optimisation solutions, in cloud mode, connected to other customer interaction management tools, to improve the customer experience while controlling costs.